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        PVC-U internal spiral pipe for drainage


        ●Service life of UPVC pipe for drainage

        UPVC pipe takes PVC resin as the main raw material, adds the necessary light, heat stabilizer, anti-aging agent, anti-impact agent and other auxiliaries, extrusion molding. A special formula can ensure that it will not deteriorate for 50 years.

        ●Applied range

        Civil building drainage, sewage civil engineering, road drainage

        Chemical, pharmaceutical industry various pipes. 

        Industrial wastewater treatment, electroplating, electronics, etc.

        Automatic irrigation pipeline for agricultural irrigation

        Mariculture swimming pool, hot spring underground hot water supply

        ●performance characteristics

        1、corrosion preventive

        Not affected by corrosive soil and all kinds of drinking water, resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including strong acid, strong alkali, no rust, no scaling, so that their interior will not erode and shrink changes, will not clog, The exterior wall will not be polluted by rusty pipes to ensure the beauty of the building.

        2、shock resistance 

        Because of the use of unique auxiliaries, it can withstand pressure, impact resistance, tensile resistance and adapt to the strong crack change of temperature.

        3、light weight

        The weight is 1/5 of the cast iron pipe, easy to transport and install, bonded with glue, simple and fast.

        4、low cost and long service life

        The value of the material is lower than that of the normal material, and the life span can reach more than 50 years under the normal service conditions, and there is no need for regular maintenance and repair.


        The use of unique formula technology, no aging discoloration worry.

        6、great variety of goods 

        Pipe fittings are of a wide variety of styles and complete, which can meet all kinds of design and installation requirements.

        ●Technical parameter


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